The 8 Healthcare Events we held in Tacoma and Sumner since 2020 have provided the following:

Guests served

Services Given

Value of Services


United By Grace to Serve

A Compassion Washington healthcare event is a free community healthcare service led by local Churches, volunteers, community organizations and supported by Compassion Washington.

Each healthcare event is designed to provide compassionate services to our neighbors who lack access to basic health care.

Event Services Include:




Community Services



Physical & Massage Therapy


Blood pressure & diabetic screening

Get Involved!

For Churches

We parter with “Anchor Churches” to bring these amazing healthcare events to your community. 

For community groups

Compassion Washington partners with community partners and groups in a variety of ways to bring healthcare events.

For individual volunteers

Our healthcare events wouldn’t be possible without our amazing volunteers. 

“I just happened to come across this amazing blessing today. I was driving by with my little dog and I saw a gathering at a church and it sparked my interest. It turns out they were doing free dental work today. It was an absolute gift from the Lord. They fixed my tooth, filled the filling, and fixed the space between the teeth and made it easier to floss. It’s absolutely a miracle and I feel so blessed.”

Brandon, Compassion Clinic Guest

Guiding Principles

Local leaders take the reins with Compassion Washington as a guide

The Clinic model is adaptable for the needs of our various Washington state communities

Serving compassionately is at the center so that every guest experiences the love of Jesus

The goal is to serve the whole person: body, mind, and spirit

Local volunteers who want to make a difference and put their faith in action have a great outlet to do so

Connections built at the event are meant to spark enduring relationships