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A Healthcare Event is most successful when multiple churches commit to the mission and leadership of the event. We call these churches “Anchor Churches.” Anchor Churches are defined by their ownership of the Healthcare Event through team leaders, volunteers, prayer, follow-up, and financial giving.

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Prayer & Shepherd Team

The Prayer/Shepherds provides prayer support to insure that Compassion Healthcare events are a work of the Spirit of God which will bring glory and honor to Jesus and compassion to people. This team will ensure the work is beyond human touch–in fact, supernatural. The Prayer team is ready to minister and pray whenever there is a special request from either a guest or a referral from the Shepherd Team. It is each team members responsibility to share the Gospel and to be ready to share the hope they have in Jesus Christ. Bibles will be available to hand out to those guest who would like one.

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General Guest Reg. Team

Team greets guests on arrival and provides them with the intake and other health forms to be completed in the registration area. After guests complete the forms, Navigators will take guests to the Registrar for verifying documentation before Guests begin Triage.

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Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team creates a faith-supporting, safe, and welcoming environment by organizing and providing beverages, snacks, and lunch for the volunteers throughout the healthcare event, support the flow of the clinic, and organize and provide for outstanding needs that aid in keeping our guests and volunteers feel valued.

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Dental Set Up & Take Down

The Dental Equipment Setup/Take Down team unloads the dental trailer and sets up all the dental equipment, plumbing, furniture, generators, electrical and sterilization equipment on Friday afternoon before the Saturday clinic. On Saturday afternoon after the clinic, the same equipment is cleaned, taken apart and stored into the dental trailer.and love of Christ.

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Childcare Team

Assist with providing childcare for our guests children while they are receiving services.

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Security/Parking Team

Assist guests and volunteers with parking and to provide overall security for the event.

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Medical / Dental Registrar

The administrative team processes the registration forms to make sure the health history is completed correctly and assembles the guest charts. Then the charts are given to the triage team before the Navigators escort guests to the services they need.

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Navigators Team

Navigators welcome and create a warm & safe place while guiding guests to and from the services. They assist with flow, completing forms, and providing interpretation. They will hold onto the charts before handing the charts off to the next service.

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Interpretor Team

In partnership with the Navigators these team members welcome especially non-English speaking guests by creating a warm, friendly, and safe environment. As needed, they will shepherd guests to and from all of the services they seek. They will assist with guest flow, completing forms, and providing interpretation, sometimes during guest health services. This team requires a great deal of compassion and managing the privacy of guest information.

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General Volunteer Team

Includes Security/ Facility Setup and Cleanup, etc., people who want to help but don’t know where. Join us to provide free medical, dental, food, prayer, and community resources to those in our community who are underserved.

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Community Connections

The Church & Community Resources provide resources in the waiting area while the guests wait for their healthcare services. We welcome community resources such as: Public Health Senior, Adult & Teen Resources, Children’s resources & activities, New socks, t-shirts Bibles (variety of languages) Homeless and Refugee Resources, Addiction Recovery Resources, Local Church Representatives

Additional Services: Professional barbers and hair stylists can provide services. It is requested that stylists bring their own supplies and equipment for cutting hair. Standard chairs are provided.

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Medical Team

Medical team members have the opportunity to use their professional skills in a volunteer setting to serve those who lack access to healthcare. The
medical team consists of health care providers, nurses, and allied healthcare workers (MA, CNA, LPN, technicians and therapists)

Provider roles for Healthcare events are limited to:

  • Physicians – MD, DO
  • Naturopathic doctors – ND
  • Optometrists – OD
  • Chiropractors – DC
  • Residents with unrestricted licenses *
  • Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  • Physician Assistants (PA) with supervisor on-call
  • Physical Therapist **
  • Massage therapist

Nursing team

Important Note For Residents:
Only residents with unlimited licenses can volunteer in a provider role. If a resident is unsure, or if there is a question, that information can be verified online or by calling the Washington Medical Board’s licensing inquiry line.

Additional Notes for therapist:
Professional therapists will provide massage, occupational and physical therapy services as requested by guests based on their preferences and area of need. Licensed therapists will work in collaboration with members of other healthcare teams to aid in full body wellness for guests. It is requested that therapists bring their own necessary supplies and equipment.

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Dental Team

The Dental Team consists of dental professionals such as:

  • Dentist
  • Hygienist
  • Assistants, and
  • Sterilization Helpers which are all needed in-order to provide the needed general & emergency dentistry and hygiene that are needed.

Primary services may include:

  • emergency care,
  • extractions,
  • fillings,
  • root canals,
  • routine hygiene.

In some circumstances a volunteer dentist may choose to offer continual care in their private office after the date of the event.

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